Archive of the Civic Museums of Cremona

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Palazzo Affaitati - Via Ugolani Dati 4, 26100 Cremona CR
Phone 0372 407259


The office receives by appointment. Please contact it by mail or phone from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.00.

Responsible: Alessandra Francesconi

The Office manages:

  • informations concerning the archives,
  • the reception of request’s forms for the use and reproduction of the Cultural heritage of the Civic Museums.

On request and after the acceptance of it:

  • the access to the archives, composed of pictures, documents and inventories of the museum collections,
  • the access to the museum collections for scientific and study purposes,
  • photo and video shoots.

The municipality of Cremona is the holder of every right about the use and reproduction of the Cultural heritage, or part of them, of the Civic Museums (see also ).

The municipality of Cremona allows the use and reproduction of the Cultural heritage of the Civic Museums (with the exception explained at the Title 2, art. 1, co.4 of the Regulation of Use and reproduction of the possessions of the Sistema Museale della Città di Cremona, see the section “regulations” at the right of this section).

Unless special arrangements, reproductions and photo and video shoots aren’t allowed for works and objects undergoing restoration.

How to access the service

it is necessary to submit the request by filling out the following form: Request for access and use of data, documents, pictures and informations stored in the Archive of the Civic Museums of Cremona

Every requests is subject to the Direction of the Museums who grants authorisation or refuses it with expressed motivation.

For commercial requests and where appropriate, the Direction asks the opinion of the Municipal Council.

If granted, the authorisation is not exclusive, not transferable and is given just once.


Service fee

For personal, scientific, study and storage purposes, for tourism promotion and Right Press, only the extra costs (researches, technical assistance, visits outside regular working time.) are required (see “Delibera di Giunta Comunale n. 574 del 21 dicembre 2005).

Out of the previous cases a fee is due, according to the Price List (see the Price List).

In the Price List is also indicated the amout of the caution money required if the use of goods can compromise them. The caution money shall be returned if the goods have not suffered damage.

The payment must be made after the reception of the invoice, further informations will be provided after it.

Where submit the request, at the Protocol Office of the municipality of Cremona.

Only if the previous way is not possible and in exceptional cases, submit to

Price List for use and reproduction of the Cultural heritage of Civic Museums

Be aware: the price list doesn’t include VAT

  1. For personal, scientific, study and storage purposes, for tourism promotion and Right Press, the requests are always free of costs.
    nly the extra costs (researches, technical assistance, visits outside regular working hours..) are required (see below the Price List).
  2. Out of the previous cases, a fee is always due, according to the following plan:
    € 50 for editions in one language for maximum 1.000 copies,
    € 50 for the use in single web site, single TV spot or in other media in one language,
    +20% for any further language,
    +50% for a higher number of copies (from 1000 to 2000),
    50% of first edition for further editions,
    +25% for any further TV spot or other media,
    € 250 (daily cost) for multimedia, internet, video-cinema and television editions.

In every case, the payment of the reproduction rights grants the authorization for the rent of an HD image of the work required.

Otherwise, the applicant can take by himself the pictures of the work during the Museums’ opening time, after authorization and, if due, after the payment of the rights.

For the new reproductions, the Museums can require the payment of technical-scientific assistance charges, in addition to the fees, if due, following the Price List:

  • during Museums and offices’ opening time: € 20 per hour (VAT not included),
  • during Museums and offices’ closing time: € 35 per hour (VAT not included).

Unless different arrangements, it's forbidden to film or take pictures of works under repair.

The applicant takes responsibility of any damage which may incur during the shooting. The Direction may also require a deposit of € 500 for esternal spaces and of € 1.000 for the internal one. Every digital copy or negatives realised, will be delivered as copies to the Archive Office of the Museums.

The digital copies must be delete from the personal storages after the use and cannot be reused without new authorisation.

Indications for the caption of the Right Images

“Archive of the Civic Museums of Cremona”- short description of the work - author (if available) - title or official object’s denomination - chronology – matter -collocation and inventory number.