Projects and Resources Office

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Piazza del Comune, 8 (entrance from Piazza Stradivari 7)

26100 Cremona CR

Tel. +39 0372 407787 - 407067 - 407054 - Fax +39 0372 407024


The office carries out its activities only for the Municipality Administration, it does not have direct contacts with the citizens.

Employees of the office:

Daniele Gigni
Elisabetta Dilda
Silvia Gagliardi
Costanza Polloni
Elena Zigliani
National Civic Service Volunteer

The Projects and Resources Office was born from the necessity of the Administration to obtain regional, national and European grants. The office cooperates with all the Sectors of the Municipality and supports the creation of local, European and international partnerships to participate to several calls for proposals.

The office has the following functions:

  • search and dissemination of information concerning the open calls for proposals and the possibilities to join a partnership;

  • support to the presentation of project ideas for different calls for proposals; establishment of territorial partnerships;

  • assistance for managing and accounting projects; keeping contacts and establishing relationships with the Financing Institutions;

  • constant updating of the database containing information about all the Municipality's projects;

  • training sessions for the municipality's employees about the project cycle management;

  • disseminating information and raising awareness about regulations, policies and programs of the European Union;

  • translation, interpretation and language teaching for volunteers of the national civic service and of the European Voluntary Service


Opportunities - Calls for proposals - Grants: European Union Calls for proposals

Opportunities - Calls for proposals - Grants: structural funds

Opportunities - Calls for proposals - Grants: regional funds

European Commission: calls for proposals and grants (in English)

European Union: main activities

Direct-line with the European Union for questions, curiosities, further information

Italian Representation to the European Commission

Project Opportunities of the Regions in Europe (P.O.R.E.) - Department for Regional Affairs, Autonomous Institutions and Sport