Strategic Projects Office

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Cremona Europa

Piazza del Comune 8
26100 Cremona CR
Tel. +39 0372 407787 - 407051 - 407054 - Fax +39 0372 407063
Opening hours:
The Strategic Projects Office is a backup office and it doesn't have direct relationships with the citizens.
The office cooperates with all the municipality's employees and supports the creation of local or international partnerships for the participation to call for proposals; it doesn't manage services for citizens.
Daniele Gigni
Silvia Gagliardi
Elena Zigliani
National civil service volunteer
The Strategic Projects Office monitors the call for proposals of the European Union and of other sources of finance (institutions and organizations). Thanks to this office, the Municipality can exploit all the opportunities available for its citizens and for the town's institutions. The Office aims at obtaining grants allocated by the European Commission or by other national sources of finance.

The Strategic Projects Office, moreover, fosters interest in the Community Programs and in the call for proposals which are periodically published. The Strategic Projects Office supports coordinated-planning, interregional/transnational cooperation and the exchange/transfer of know-how between public and private actors.
The Strategic Projects Office supports all the Municipality sectors in participating to calls for proposals, in projects' planning or accounting and in the search for international partners.
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