Territorial Timetable Plan of the City of Cremona (TTP)

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In Cremona, urban time policies were implemented at the end of 1997.
Thanks to the interdepartmental collaboration between politicians, managers, technical experts of the Municipality and external consultants, a series of initiatives were developed for the purpose of implementing the TTP. These included various projects that analyzed the city's typical time bands and the urban social time of the different people living, utilizing and occupying the spaces of the city at different times.
The measures adopted are integrated and refer specifically to the organization of working hours in public offices and services, the co-existence of people with different needs in the public spaces of the city and the corresponding layout.
The TTP was designed with the ultimate goal of improving access to services in the city, the quality of life of its residents and, last but not least, the quality of the city itself.
The TTP adjusts the opening hours of public services and adapt them to the users' needs. It is specifically focused on social relations, on people's mobility at local (and regional) level and on the possibility of living the town as a public asset and a common good. It therefore provides suggestions for the qualitative transformations of public services in terms, also, of urban improvement.
Law of reference: Law n. 53, March 8, 2000; Regione Lombardia Law n. 28, October 28, 2004.

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