Information and enrolment in local authority nursery schools

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How many we are

Nursery schools: n. 9
Classes: n. 30

Who we are

Agazzi: via Ticino, 26
Martiri della Libertà: via Tagliamento, 2
Castello: Via Garibotti, 38
Zucchi: Via R. Manna, 22
Aporti: Via Aporti, 7
S. Giorgio: Via S. Maria in Betlem, 36
Gallina: Via S. Bernardo, 3
Lacchini: Via Romanino, 1
Martini: Via S. Antonio del Fuoco, 8/10

School calendar

Local authority nursey school year starts on September 1st and finishes on June 30th.
Schools remain closed for about two weeks at Christmas and two days at Easter.

Summer school

In July one nursery school is usually open for the whole town


WHEN: from 8.00 am 4th January to 8.00 pm 28th January 2022.

Registration is online and is only active during the enrolment period.
In case of need, you can contact the offices of the Settore Politiche Educative e Istruzione (Educational Services).
To fill in the enrolment form, first you need to register to the online services of the Municipality of Cremona (if you have not already registered). Registration can be done using CRS / CNS (Regional or National Service Card - "Health Card") or SPID. Registration is possible at any time.

Only those who do not have access to the Internet can ask for an appointment to fill in the form at the offices of the Educational Services during opening hours. Users must go to the office with their CRS / CNS (Regional or National Service Card - "Health Card").

You can refer to the online guide for completing the application to enrol in the municipal infant school.

Settore Politiche Educative e Istruzione (Educational Services)
via del Vecchio Passeggio,1 - 26100 Cremona
tel. O372.407907
OPENING HOURS: Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri. 8.30 - 13.30
Wed. 8.30 - 16.30

WHO: children born in 2019, who have undergone compulsory vaccinations according to current legislation.

NOTES: All children living in Cremona can attend municipal nursery schools.
Families may indicate, on the enrolment form, the school they would like their child to attend.
A ranking list of all the applications received will be drawn up, based on legally bound criteria, which are indicated on the attached form.
Absolute priority will be given to children who are handicapped and/or belong to socially /economically, psychophysically or environmentally disadvantaged families and children with a sibling already attending the same school.
Should the number of applications exceed the number of places available in anyone school, the remaining applicants will be offered their second or third choice of school.
Enrolment and attendance are free of charge; a contribution is requested for meals, attendance before and after normal opening hours.

Settling in

Before beginning to attend a nursery school it is essential that the family and the teachers meet for an individual chat so that the teachers can be given information about the child and what he knows, his history and his habits. In this way it is possible to together decide the best strategies for the settling-in process which must happen gradually. This is organised in small groups with shorter hours and separate attendance, for at least two weeks.